Thursday, 7 May 2009

More criminals in Kent

More amazing revelations from the policing of the climate camp today. The police spied on local magistrate and chair of CPRE Kent, Richard Know Johnson... Clearly a hardened criminal that needs locking up?

From the BBC: 'Allyn Thomas, Assistant Chief Constable of Kent Police, defended the force's strategy: "Because we know people feel very strongly about these environmental concerns, there is the possibility that there will be some outburst, whether it's just unpleasantness or criminality. "'

So now the police are cracking down on unpleasantness, so perhaps they ought to arrest Nigel Farage for his party political broadcast? Along with telling poorer nations that the UK is nice and rich and is not prepared to support anyone else and that they can all get lost 'cause they are theiving foreigners, I think he started to talk about fraud and the EU.

I must say I was a bit switched off with his xenophobic clap trap at that stage so I missed bits but I suggest that UKIP ought to look to their own record on fraud:

Tom Wise MEP... £40k of public funds - still waiting to go to court I think.
Ashley Mote MEP... convicted of 21 charges of fraud.

Impressive, only 2 out of 12 MEPs.

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neil craig said...

So anybody who talks about there being fraud in the EU should be arrested? UKIP say thet the EU bureaucracy costs us 10s of billions & is a major drain on our economy & cause of recession. That is why they oppose it. Strangely it is also the reason why the Greens support it & want ever more EU bureaucracy.

I wonder how many votes you would get if youwere honest about that? Of course I don't expect you will be.