Tuesday, 5 May 2009

KIG march

I had hoped to put some photos of the StopKIG march on this blog, but the cameraman's camera wasn't compatible with my PC. He tells me that he has to take the film in to be developed... (note to self: take own camera next time and / or ensure cameraman is compatible with 21st century, etc., etc.)

The march (walk) was very well attended, it looked to me have around 1000 people there, and there was good coverage in the press. The Beeb here and KM here.

Four local Greens attended; we have been thoroughly supportive of the campaign. Friends of the Earth went along too.


Bob Piggott said...

We actually had between 2000 and 2500 (clicked 2145) so thanks for coming and supporting. It was a very English protest! Do watch for the next event.

Bob (the one with the megaphone)

Stuart Jeffery said...

2000 to 2500 is fantastic! My congratulations to all involved - especially the one with the megaphone!!!

I'm on the mailing list and attend most of the public meetings but I have had to ask Ian McDonald, our local Green Party transport spokesperson to go along on Thursday as I have another commitment.

Once again well done!