Monday, 11 May 2009

Expenses pledge

The most sickening aspect of the whole expenses affair is that these appallingly greedy MPs would still be claiming for dog food, nappies, various homes etc. if they hadn't been caught. It is no good them apologising, the public wants immediate change and an that means an election. They should stand down now and repay the money.

If I get elected I will make any expenses that I claim public. I will be held to account for them and they will be open to full scrutiny. If I get elected, the electorate will be my employer and therefore you would be entitled to know what I will be doing and claiming.

However, if I'm not elected soon and get a new job some distance away where I have to stay during the week, I won't be asking my employer to pay for the flat, a cleaner, my travel to work, dog food or women's dresses. I will be buying these myself from my salary (except the last two items as I don't have a dog and don't wear many dresses). Any normal person would take this approach. Let elect some normal people to parliament and kick out those with snouts in the trough.

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