Sunday, 17 May 2009

Campaigning works - Greens on the rise

Fantastic day of campaigning today! Big Green Bus came to Maidstone and we spent a couple of hours dodging the downpours while handing out the EU Greenleaf and Green Party windmills. The reception in town was very good and matches the news today that we have doubled our rating in the polls and we are just 3% behind the Lib Dems!!!

"This morning’s survey of June 4th EU election voting intention from the telephone pollster, ComRes, that’s in the Sunday Express is even more significant. For the shares are: CON 28%: LAB 20%: LD 14%: UKIP 15%: GRN 11%: BNP 4%."

What is more in a YouGov poll to be released tomorrow (Monday 18 May), 34% of respondents
said they would either definitely be voting Green or would consider voting Green. This is the highest percentage ever to indicate potential support for the Greens.

I've started delivering the garden boards - if you want one for your garden let me know (as long as you are in Maidstone!). Another 7,000 leaflets arrive on Thursday to go out at the weekend and the rest of the time is for canvasing.

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