Monday, 20 April 2009

Government in bed with EON

More revelations about the policing of Kingsnorth in today's Grauniad. Apparently the police handed documents to EON:

• BERR officials passed a strategy document belonging to the "environmental protest community" to E.ON, saying: "If you haven't seen this then you will be interested in its contents."

• Government officials forwarded a Metropolitan police intelligence document to E.ON, detailing the movements and whereabouts of climate protesters in the run-up to demonstration.

The collusion between DBERR, the police and the private energy company is appalling - but almost unsurprising. That DBERR could colude so blatantly with EON demonstrates the government's aim to send society and the planet to hell in a handcart.

Government and the police need to serve the people in this country and uphold the law, not continue to break it at the behest of big business and the gods of economic growth.

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