Thursday, 2 April 2009

G20 protest lies

The police violence and intimidation seems to be becoming the norm at peaceful protests. It continues to shock me that policing is increasingly political and designed to restrict freedom of speech.

The lies that are being told are thoroughly depressing with the police claiming that there was violence in the G20 climate camp (clearly during the Buddhist meditation) and that bottles were hurled at the police trying to help the man who died (despite independent witness statements to the contrary).

I couldn't attend the protests, but many of my friends were there and I thank you all for sticking up for the truth.

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Realtor in Toronto said...

I can't believe the things police can do. I mean i would understand if a fight broke out or people would start threatening someone but this? People peacefully gather together and they get violated by police. I was shocked when I read about this. And adding the death of one of the protesters to this, shocked me even more. Unbelievable.

Take care, Elli