Monday, 27 April 2009

Cranie, the North West's best chance to keep the BNP out

My hat off to Peter Cranie, our seriously hard working Green hope for the Euro's in the North West. He is standing on an anti-racist ticket and has the backing of Respect. The Euros elect under proportional representation and the race in the North West will be to see which party comes fourth and gets the final Euro seat. This race is between the Greens and the BNP.

The way the electoral system works means that to stop Nick Griffin getting in people should give their vote to the Green rather than Lab, Libs or Tories. Four parties will return MEPs so it is vital that the Greens occupy that 4th slot (or 3rd...) to keep the BNP out of Europe.

Peter's new campaign website is here:

If you have friends or relatives in the North West, then please talk to them about this and spread the word.

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weggis said...

Of course if sufficient numbers vote lib/lab/con then neither the Greens nor the BNP will get a seat.

Also, one would presume that the BNP are using the same tactic?

I worry that the anti-racist stop NG stance does nothing to address or tackle the problems and issues faced by ordinary people and which the BNP so effectively exploit.