Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Campaign to make Maidstone's streets safer

Good coverage of the launch of our 20mph Maidstone campaign so far. Broadcasts going out on KMFM and Radio Kent, and it is on the Kent Online website.

The launch is this on Saturday 25th April outside County Hall at 10am where we will be handing out leaflets and getting signatures on a petition.

I was unsurprised but still saddened by some of the comments on the KM website. The way some people react to anything that threatens their desire to drive quickly is predictable, but it was good to get a couple of positive comments too.

One day the petrol heads will wake up and smell the diesel??? Well at least I hope that they can see that there are other ways to enjoy life rather than endangering others.

If you are around on Saturday, please join us. The Farmers' Market will be there to.

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