Saturday, 11 April 2009

Anti terror billboards

I'm sure we have all seen these new billboards going up telling us to spy on our neighbours 'cause they are probably terrorists. I find the whole campaign just another appalling attempt to scare us into subservience.

This great website ( allows you to put your own words on them. I sure there is something funny to say about the lack of recycling in that town...


Anonymous said...

sounds like a good idea to me


Be afraid. Be very afraid. Be very, very afraid. The bogeymen are coming. Aaaargh - they're here. Stay indoors. Bar your windows. Watch the news for updates.
They come along with many other police posters - mostly in poor areas - of the "Put that down", "Stop that", "Are you lookin' for a slap?" variety.
MI6 doubled in size over ten year. Security forces on exponential rise. Drumming up custom?

Happy Easter