Sunday, 1 March 2009

Weapons of mass ridicule

More information from Kent Police's approach to crime prevention in today's Observer. The list of items confiscated by the police in the name of preventing crimes has been revealed. Apparently the following are criminal weapons:
  • packets of balloon
  • tents
  • a clown's outfit
  • camping equipment
  • cycle helmets and bike locks
  • plastic buckets
  • bin bags
  • blankets
  • soap
  • banners and leaflets
  • books
  • party poppers
  • nail clippers
Dangerous weapons for use by extremists these. I think the ability of party poppers to make people jump should be most widely condemned.

This is my favourite bit:

Kent's assistant chief constable, Allyn Thomas, defended the actions: "By seizing items which could be used to commit a crime, we were able to ensure criminal acts were not carried out and more importantly no one was injured by some of the items which potentially could have been used to harm others."

Mr Thomas, you need to get another job - you are clearly not cut out for serious police work.

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