Friday, 20 March 2009

Slash public conveniences says Maidstone BC

Maidstone Borough Council are shortlisting designs for a £4m makeover of the lower High St, the Kent Messenger's front page reveals. Page 2 of the KM tells of how the council is preparing to slash (pun intended and many more to come) the number of public toilets it provides as it can afford to run them.

While the High St could do with a lick of paint, Maidstone does NOT need more shopping space. Last year the Tories were talking about turning the gaol into a shopping mall. The LibDems sold one of the most historic streets in Maidstone to build Fremlin Walk over the top of it - you can't so much as think about waving a placard before security guards bundle you off the site. The Stoneborough centre was opened in the 1970's and still serves well. We do NOT need more shops!!! How many more times?!?

We do need loos though. Closing them is a crap idea - shit even! I think the council may be taking the piss??? They are clearly flush with money to be able to reburbish the High St, so why not fund toilets? They must have more than a penny to spend? There is clearly something wrong with a cistern (system?) that puts shopping ahead of providing basics. They need to put loos as their number one or number two priority. Ok, enough!!!

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