Sunday, 15 March 2009

Not Stupid

It was great to attend the premiere of The Age of Stupid last night and to see Ed Milliband squirming as the hypocrisy of Labour's record on climate change was unpicked. Of course the Climate Change Act is ground breaking, but actions speak far louder than words and the actions to expand airports, build more roads, bail out the car industry rather than invest in renewables and public transport are damining.

Pete Postlethwaite, who stars in the film, gave a particularly emotional speech at the end and declared that if Labour built dirty coal Kingsnorth, he would be handing back his OBE. Milliband was visibly shaken.

The film was great too!

Set in 2055, the archivist is the last man alive after the ravages of climate change have destroyed most life on the planet. He is reviewing footage showing just how stupid we were and how we failed to act despite the increasing climate catastrophies around us.

The footage included a nimby campaign against a wind farm with a woman suggesting that tackling climate change is important, but we mustn't spoil the view.

This film should be seen by everyone.

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