Sunday, 8 March 2009

Maidstone Marker vs Shaun the Sheep

£63,000 for a stick with lights on by the banks of the Medway...

Now I'm all for art and so on, the totem pole next to the Maidstone Marker is OK, the clock on the other bank is OK, and Shaun the Sheep was fantastic (where is he now?).

For those not familiar with Shaun, he was a 20 foot sheep planted with flowers over his woolly bits. I can't find a photo of him on the web, so if anyone has a photo (or knows where he has gone) please let me know.

Anyway, the stick is part of the Elemental series in Maidstone, like the lights on the side of the bridge that you can change the colour of by txt. I'm sorry but the stick doesn't say elemental to me and I also gather that £24k of council money went into it.


Keith Talent said...

that's a cracking piece of art

more please.

Tryst said...

A pic of Shaun the sheep can be found at: