Saturday, 7 March 2009

Climate news

Slowly, slowly we edge forward.

Yesterday, news that Sheppey is to get four wind turbines should be welcomed - but we need 40 or 400 or 40,000... (obviously not all on the Isle of Sheppey!)

The Arctic sea ice is melting so fast that shipping companies are looking at new trade routes opening up in a few short years. Scary stuff, sea levels won't be massively affected by arctic ice melts as it is already in the sea (think ice cube melting in glass of water), but the implications for the speed of melt of land ice, such as Greenland and Antarctica are massive.

Meanwhile a local government in Kent seems happy to waste cash on designer street lighting such as these, rather than tackling energy.

Finally, Leila Deen has thrown green custard in Mandleson's face. Normally I would condemn this as a step too far, direct action should be non-violent after all, but then he wasn't exactly hurt and it was Mandy... I do applaud him for not having a body guard though. The third runway at Heathrow and Kingsnorth are the front lines of climate change campaigning in the UK.

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