Wednesday, 18 March 2009

24% rise in Kent's traffic

From the Kent Messenger: "Traffic levels in Kent have grown by nearly a quarter in 15 years - a greater rate than neighbours Essex, Surrey and most other counties in the south east."

Only Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire had higher rises in the South East. I see that Kent County Council wouldn't put a councillor up for comment and left it to one of their officers to claim they are trying to reduce traffic.

Frankly, this is basic political cowardice and typical of the business as usual grey parties. The Tories are doing nothing to promote alternatives to cars aside from issuing the occasional platitude. They are still building roads, refusing to improve public transport, cycling and walking. They won't make our roads safer by slowing down traffic. They are not building a sustainable society.

Well done to the CPRE for exposing them!

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