Friday, 27 February 2009

Stamp out Privatisation

This went out yesterday to media in Kent. We must fight NuLab's continued selling off of public services.

Kent Greens have warned against further privatisation of public services as plans go to parliament today to privatise 30% of the Royal Mail. The Greens are concerned that further privatisation will lead to a poorer service, unnecessary jobs loses and increased costs to the tax payers of the part that remains in public ownership as private companies continue their cherry picking of the profitable parts of the service.

Stuart Jeffery comments: "As the only main party opposed to the privatisation of the Royal Mail, Kent Greens have issued a call to 'Stamp out Privatisation' of Royal Mail.

"Privatisation of public services has been a common theme of the political landscape for over a quarter of a century with devastating results. In the case of Post Offices, local communities are being deprived of a basic community service for narrow, commercial reasons. How can the government possibly justify multibillion bail-outs of banks while failing to support its core public services like Post Offices? A partly privatized postal service will lead to reductions in services to the public in the same way.

"Even more sad is that the Lib Dems and Tories are backing the part privatisation, making the loss of this service to privateers almost certain.

"As the last 12 months have shown, the market economics of the private sector has been shown to be fundamentally flawed. We must not let more public services fall prey to the market, the Royal Mail needs and deserves our support. We need to stamp out privatisation."

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