Thursday, 12 February 2009

Maidstone gets Fairtrade Status

Fantastic News: Three years of hard work and Maidstone has just been awarded Fairtrade Borough status. The steering group have all worked their socks off putting on events round the town, including:
  • a large stall at the Mela each year
  • a picnic with 600 junior school children
  • various stalls around the town
  • a couple of speeches at the anual PeaceOne Day concert
  • a couple of disasterous chocolate fountains (they don't like the wind)
  • badgering evey shop in Maidstone
  • badgering every school and church in Maidstone
  • and much more
This arrived today from the Fairtrade Foundation:

"It's my great pleasure to confirm that Maidstone's application for Fairtrade Borough status has been successful! Well done. Our feedback on the application is attached.

"It has been an absolute pleasure to learn of all that's been going on in Maidstone and wonderful to see all that has been achieved since an application for Fairtrade status was first submitted last year. The panel were very impressed by the huge amount of work and dedication put in by steering group members and please do pass on our thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work and commitment."

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Quail said...

I find it semi-frustrating to attend Fairtrade events and seeing the same 'Fairtrade friends' over and over again. In other words, I think 'preaching to the converted' isn't converting anyone new. We have quite an active steering group with lots of volunteers but I think the group finds it difficult to get out of their comfort zone!!!