Saturday, 7 February 2009

Maidstone Core Strategy consultation

Apologies for taking a whole week off blogging - have been writing a response to Maidstone Borough Council's Draft Core Strategy which is currently open for consultation at present.

In keeping with its Tory masters everywhere, our Tory filled council seems happy to comment on the economic crisis but has no solutions to it. They seem happy to propose to cut services (quite how removing more money from the economy and making more people unemployed will help is beyond me). They also suggest that it would be cheaper to jointly provide some services with neighbouring areas.

Of course, if it was cheaper to jointly provide services with neighbours then I have to ask why haven't they done this before, the savings could have been channeled in to enhancing other council services. I suspect the answer is simply that the jointly provided services will reduce both cost and provision, and it is clear that the Tories are only doing this to slash jobs.

The draft Core Strategy is unbelievably light in ideas, fortunately I think Maidstone Greens have a few! I will publish our submission here once we have agreed it, but it focuses on:
  • localism
  • pump priming green jobs aka Green New Deal
  • improving democracy and communities
  • reducing carbon dependency
  • increasing alternatives to car use

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