Thursday, 19 February 2009

FCUK or Recycle Now?

I'm off to do some shopping and I'll be wearing a T shirt which says 'Recycle Now'. I am very worried about being arrested as a dangerous extremist pushing my offensive views on an unsuspecting public. Even though I will be leaving my camera at home, I still deserve a night in jail for even thinking about making a public statement.

With hindsight it might be better to buy a FCUK T shirt - at least that can't be construed as offensive???

Worse still, I could write something in the snow which people might be able to read... this is from the Daily Record:

A GRANDAD was arrested by police - for drawing a protest message in the snow.

Geoff Lamb, 65, yesterday told how he was handcuffed, spent a night in the cells and had his car impounded.

It happened after police found him drawing a four-foothigh slogan on a hill.

The 100-foot-long message was on the flight path into Aberdeen airport so that it could be read by passengers.

The message read: "You fly, they die."

It was written by Geoff using a garden pressure hose and was meant to be a protest against climate change.

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