Friday, 30 January 2009

Ring of the Lords

house of lords lobbying
Thanks to Beau Bo D'Or for this!

The Lords scandal is just another example of the sheer stupidity of the concept of a House of Lords. I almost have more time for the hereditary peers, at least they haven't been placed there strategically or as a favour, but either way this week's scandal is yet another reason to scrap the Lords and replace it with a fully elected upper house.

How many countries could get away with calling themselves democratic with a system like ours?


Anonymous said...

This has being going on for years, I wonder why only now it has been 'noticed'. It is such a farce that criminals are in it too! I think the House of Lords needs an independent Watchdog.

Anonymous said...

I love that photo you put up on your blog. Ker-Ching. It creases me up. The Ring of the Lords...! Classic.