Thursday, 29 January 2009

Greens still predicted to get 1st MP

Forecasting UK are still predicting the Green's first MP in Brighton: "We continue to forecast the Green Party to gain Brighton Pavilion, their first MP, especially in the light of poor Labour polling in the South East."

This is great news, our first MP will make a massive impact on UK politics and pave the way for many more. The appallingly undemocratic electoral system has hampered the UK and desperately needs reforming. Sadly, Labour have had 12 years to do this and despite manifesto promises, they couldn't be bothered. With about 15 months to go there isn't the time to get legislation in to have proportional representation for the next general election and if the Tories get in, we will have to wait many more years for it. Of course, if Brown rushed it through, it would now be in his favour at the election - he could negotiate a coalition and hang on to some power.

The Forecasting UK report spells disaster for the Lib Dems and shows them down to 7 MPs.

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