Sunday, 11 January 2009

Green calls for unified political voice at Peace Vigil in Maidstone

Maidstone Green Party has called for a unified political voice at this week's Peace Vigil in Maidstone for the people of Gaza. Prospective Green Party MP, Stuart Jeffery, will be attending the Peace Vigil on Saturday 17th January from 11am to noon as part of the campaign of world wide pressure to end the bloodshed in Gaza. Stuart has invited the three other prospective MPs and the current Maidstone MP to join him.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "I have called for a unified political voice in Maidstone to condemn the slaugher in Gaza and to call for peace. Both Israel and Hamas need to stop fighting and start talking.

"Israel must lift its blockade of Gaza, allow medicine, food and journalist in and it must end its disproportionate retailiation of Hamas' rocket attacks. Israel's actions will simply breed more anger and radicalise more Palestinians. The only way the conflict can end is through negotiation and equality. The atrocities reported in Gaza in the past few weeks must stop now - the slaughter of innocent civilians is a war crime and Israel's leaders should be held to account.

"We want Maidstone to join similar protests across the world and call upon people in Maidstone to join us for an hour on Saturday, to sign our petition, to write to Downing Street, to send aid to Gaza. The Borough of Maidstone is the same size as Gaza yet has only one tenth of the population, has access to health care, food and jobs. Gaza needs our support. I would like the EU to stop its favourable trade agreement with Israel, the cessation of the sale of arms to Israel and in the meantime we should all boycott buying Israeli goods."

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