Friday, 23 January 2009

Biased Broadcasting Corporation?

I've just heard that the BBC is refusing to transmit an appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) for humanitarian aid for people living in Gaza, claiming that it would be too political - astonishing!

1300 people have been killed including 400 children, thousands are injured and medical aid is trickling through to them. These people have had little in the way of supplies since Israel and Egypt closed the borders effectively besieging them. Their infrastructure has been devastated and will cost billions to rebuild.

They need our help NOW! Please visit Medical Aid for Palestinians.

Complain to the BBC here:

This is the the commentary from the Caroline Lucas:

Green Party leader Caroline Lucas MEP said the BBC's decision was disgraceful and called for an inquiry. "It is not for the BBC to tell these professional aid agencies how to do their jobs," she said. "Everyone knows the situation in Gaza is dangerous and that the cease-fire is extremely fragile. But aid lorries are getting through.

"The people of Gaza are desperate for medical supplies, and food, and the DEC works with United Nations' organisations to ensure that this sort of aid reaches the right place. These DEC appeals are worth millions of pounds to the charities and it is absolutely disgraceful that the BBC should refuse to broadcast the appeal."

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