Monday, 29 December 2008

Iain Dale backs Gaza slaughter

It is just as well Iain Dale didn't get the Tory PPC for Maidstone - his most recent blog post fully backing the Israeli slaughter of over 300 Palestinians is, frankly, obscene.

Israel spend almost 40 years occupying territory and then withdraw only to beseige it, 1.5 million Palestinians living in appaling conditiond on a strip of land the size of the Isle of Wight are understandably hacked off (although they should stop firing rockets at Israel). Israel are accusin Hamas of using civilians as human shields and the Israeli diplomat on Today said that civilians in Gaza should tell Hamas not to fire rockets from where they live. I'd like to see him tell them that if he lived there. It now seems that Israel has declared all out war on Gaza.

Many of the comments on Dale's blog liken the situation to Northern Ireland. If the British bombed Belfast every time the IRA had attacked, we wouldn't have seen an end to the troubles.

The Green Party has put out a strong statement of condemnation and is calling for an end to the EU Israeli association agreement.

Please also sign this petition from Avaaz.

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Anonymous said...

What a slimy piece of shit, that Dale is. Posting xenophobic rabble rousing crap on his blog isn't enough; although thankfully the sorry state the Tories are presently in is proof of how limited his influence is on real politics, as opposed to all the losers who comment in his threads or on BBC's Have Your Say.