Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Galaxy's message to the Pope

While the Pope has wished good cheer on the LGBT world this Christmas, others wait to be cast into the fires of damnation at a later date. Perhaps he will decide that seals are the embodiment of the antichrist and deserve extra clubbing next Christmas? We need to send a strong message to the Pope that his views are not acceptable.

Galaxy, have rejected Christianity altogether. This year's chocolate calender from Galaxy, contains a complete homage to consumefest and rejection of Christianity. I don't pretend to be a Christian, but I am happy to celebrate it and hate the consumefest.

A selection of Galaxy's 24 calender messages:

1st Dec: When's your first Christmas party?
2nd Dec: Picture of mistletoe
3rd Dec: Picture of a tag for a present
4th Dec: Picture of handbag
5th Dec: Have you put your tree up yet?
6th Dec: Picture of mittens
7th Dec: Have you eaten your first mince pie yet?

and so on to

24th Dec: Picture of a scarf

Clearly Galaxy are as upset as the rest of us at the Pope's words and have put out this advent calender to slight him. Shame they didn't focus on a better religion than consumerism.

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