Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Widdecombe outed as climate denier

"I have read Nigel Lawson's book on climate change and I believe that we are moving far too fast on the basis of some pretty challengeable science. I am therefore not even supporting the Climate Change Bill let alone any additional measures.", wrote Ann Widdecombe in a letter to me last week.

It amazes me that someone in public office would prefer to believe the opinion of a former chancellor over 99.5% of climate scientists over a scientific matter. More than amazes me, it horrifies me. It is like suggesting that smoking cigarettes is good for you.

Last year Caroline Lucas ruffled some feathers when she compared climate change denial to holocaust denial. If we don't address man made climate change NOW, there will be far more deaths than during the holocaust. The New Scientist has described the environmental problems as the 6th Mass Extinction. Anyone denying the scientist should resign now and make way for people willing to try to ensure that there is a future.

I will be writing to the other PPCs to see where they stand.

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scott redding said...

It's another example of this "Vote Blue, Go Green" as skin-deep spin, if party elders are as skeptical as Widdecombe.