Saturday, 22 November 2008

Two fingers to the climate and the future

There's so much going on and I have hardly has a chance to read emails, let alone blog anything much, so apologies...

Firstly, rail fares are rising way above inflation in the South East. This is appalling news, rail usage is rising and investment is urgently needed, but increasing fares is not the way to do it. When the government wants to build roads it talks about new investment in the infrastructure, but when it comes to our railways it talks about subsidies and privatises it. We need government investment in the railways and we need a public railway service.

The Conservatives are champing at the bit about expanding airports in Kent, they just can't agree which airport to expand. Vote Blue Get Green? I don't think so. 350 ppm is now felt to be the maximum safe level of CO2, yet we are now around 380. Urgent and radical action is needed, not building more airports and roads (a position that the grey parties, Tories, Labour and LibDems, are guilty of calling for).

The sea ice loss at the North Pole continues to break records: "if we look at the total extent of ice lost between the March maximum and the September minimum, 2008 set a new record for total ice loss over an entire melt season."

The New Scientist reports that in this year's hurricane season, "the total energy carried by storms this year is double that of last year."

The number of climate related problems just keeps on rising. We have already exceeded the safe levels of CO2 and yet the grey parties are continuing with business as usual. Sure there are some good individuals around, but politics is about policies, not the rhetoric of individuals.

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