Wednesday, 12 November 2008

MBC Carbon Reduction Targets

It looks like Maidstone Borough Council's Tory run cabinet are going to ditch the previous 'Primrose Promise' of carbon neutrality by 2010 agreed by the Lib Dems in favour of year on year carbon reduction targets of 3%.

Carbon neutrality, as any real green will tell you, is a farce. It is like paying someone in Africa not to smoke cigarettes so that you can continue to. I welcome MBC's change of direction (of course the LibDems are furious...), but it doesn't go any way near far enough.

The scale of the climate challange is such that we need to kick the carbon habit by around 9% per annum in this country. Furthermore simply reducting the council's footprint will achieve very little, the target should be borough wide and include all households and business as well as local government.

9% is achivable with polictical will and public support, but the latter will be lacking until the former is evident. The world is in a position where it now needs an effort akin to the changes made to manufacturing at the start of WW2. There are just 100 months left to tackle the problem if we want to prevent catastrophic climate change.

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