Saturday, 18 October 2008

Proud to be Polish

Did anyone see Bobski the Builder on Channel 4's Cutting Edge? I spent an hour cringing and cursing at the treatment of Jarek the Polish builder at the hands of the public. He built a superb extension for a couple who were simply nasty to him. The build was of excellent quality and Jarek lost money on it, mostly because the guy was too nice. I hope that Channel 4 recompense him and that others watching the programme seek him out to do work for them (this did happen with the electrician who was bought in to wire up the new build - he went on to hire Jarek).

The Polish built extension went up in good time and was beautifully made.

By contrast the British builder was unhelpful, slow and shoddy. He charged nearly twice as much and took more than twice as long. There are some very good British builders, I know lots of good ones, and I suspect that C4 chose a bad one.

This was a shameful inditement of British society. The programme looked like it could have been set up to expose these traits - if so it did that with bells on.

Maidstone has a thriving Polish community, thankfully! However, having been to Poland I found that they don't cater for vegetarians so sadly I'll be staying here for now...

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Greenbirdbooks said...

well all I can say is do not trust your tv!! we watched the doc and hired Jarek, he took our deposit £1500 and has since dissapeared. We are an honest hardwoking young family, I am disgusted this man came into my home and took our money and was never to be seen again. PLEASE CIRCULATE THIS to all places it needs to be seen.