Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Peter Carroll's version of reality?

Dear Stuart....

Violent crime is on the rise. Post offices are being closed. Older people have seen the value of their pensions sink.

Older people deserve a fair pension.

Peter Carroll
Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Maidstone

I received the above words in a mail shot letter from the LibDem PPC this morning. It is letters like this that make me ashamed to be involved with politics:

Violent Crime

Violent crime in Maidstone fell from 2006/07 to 2007/08, and I could find only one district in Kent where is rose during that period. From 2002 to 2006 an upward trend was seen, however this coincided with the introduction of recording standards by the police - so as the police had been counting differently the data is far less reliable. Police records have been considered poor sources of crime information (cue a barrage of comments?)

"violent crime has fallen by 41% since its peak in 1995" says the British Crime Survey, the report that is considered to give the definitive view on crime.

So what do I make of Carroll's statement that "violent crime is on the rise"? Clearly he wrong and it seems like a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. Furthermore it looks like an attempt to scare the public into believing that we are living in a more violent society than we actually are. This is akin to the worst tabloid jounalism.

Post Offices

Well either he slept through the first part of the year or he knows something that I don't. Post office closures in Maidstone closed last winter. Claiming they are being closed is simply untrue, locally. I have no idea why he would make such a statement, other than to try to worry people that more may be closing.


The value of pension funds that are based on shares are falling. I agree that they are. Mr Carroll seems to think that in the face of a global recession, he can make things better! Of course we should increase the level of the state pension, that is a given, but that will not affect those pension funds as the stock market collapses.

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Anonymous said...

Surely you aren't accusing the Lib Dem PPC for Maidstone of political opportunism Stuart?! :)