Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Nationalise or bust

The key industries that support our lives should be under government control, i.e. nationalised.

We are lucky to currently have a predominately nationalised health service (albeit one that Labour have been activity privatising) - a health service that, overall, we are proud of. Sadly the Tories privatised gas, electricity, communication and water (what is more essential to life than water?).

Of course we need to need to bring all of these back under national control, however at present Brown is working through an imaginative scheme with the industry that sits at the bedrock of our economy, banking - and he's nationalising it slowly.

While politicians make mistakes as they are (except for a few notable cases) human, they can be held to account and they should be elected to serve society. They are best placed to steer the economy in the direction it needs to go. Why should we allow organisations driven by the need to make profits to have such a tight grip on economy?

Nationalise the banks now, make them accountable to national and local government. Strip them of the profiteering. Pay their workers a fair wage for the work they do. Incentivise and motivate them to act in the interests of society. Take away the shareholders unalienable right to demand profit at any cost. Make the economy work for people do not let the people work for the economy.

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