Sunday, 5 October 2008

LibDems join the road safety campaign in Fant

The papers have reported that the LibDems staged a protest on Gatland Lane against the speed of traffic at the junction with Fant Lane. While it is good to have cross party support for our campaign it seems, perhaps, that they are a little twitched by the diligent work we have been doing knocking on every door along the Fant rat run to collect our petition signatures.

It is also frustrating that they have represented the ward at both county and borough level for many years and the road safety problem still remains. The Lib Dems have had plenty of time to tackle this issue and have failed to do so; it's time to give others a chance.

When we were canvassing earlier this year, almost every person on the rat run from Bower Place to Glebe Lane wanted action taken to reduce the speed and volume of traffic. I have witnessed countless cars speeding down all four roads.

We need to recognise that these roads are where people live and should be driven along slowly and not used as cut throughs. We need a blanket 20mph limit across Maidstone and especially in Fant.

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.