Thursday, 25 September 2008

Money, capitalists, climate change and religion

This is from the BBC: "The two most senior figures in the Church of England have condemned the behaviour of City traders, and questioned their value to society." and comes as I have just watched Dubya showing us that he hasn't a clue what is going on or what to do. Hardly surprising from someone whose whole ideology is based on competition rather than coorperation. Anyway he wants to spend $700bn bailing out the banks in the US rather than canceling foreign debt.

Meanwhile it seems Kent Police wasted £6 million on obstructing the peaceful protest at Kingsnorth last month. I'd ask what planet they are on, but of course it is the same one that our 'Business As Usual' politicians are trying to drown.

Fellow Green, Geoff Meaden from Canterbury was on the telly this week demonstrating which bits of Kent will drown as climate change accelerates.

These rather depressing messages are hard to swallow in one go, but the future can be so much better. There is absolutely no need for a boom and bust capitalist economy, there is no justification for wasting taxpayers money on disrupting peaceful protests and Kent doesn't need to sink beneath the waves if decisive action is taken now.

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