Sunday, 21 September 2008

In town without my car - difficult without alternatives

Recent press release from Maidstone Green Party on Maidstone Goes Green Week: "In Town Without My Car"

Maidstone Green Party have called for positive action by Kent County County to back up Maidstone's green transport week. The Greens said that most people who attempt to travel without their car in Maidstone will quickly learn how difficult it is with the current infrastructure. They suggest that with very few facilities for cyclists and poor levels of public transport, trying to get individuals to change their behaviour will not work.

The Greens are calling for investment in alternatives to encourage people out of their cars, including a massive expansion in the cycle network; a blanket 20mph speed limit in Maidstone; significant investment in public transport; pedestrianisation of the High St and across the gyratory system to Hart St; abandoning the All Saints link road and Leeds/ Langley bypass allowing savings to be invested in cycling and public transport; the creation of a bus station at Maidstone East; and the creation of more local jobs, services and shops.

Stuart Jeffery, Green Party prospective parliamentary candidate for Maidstone and the Weald: "We cannot expect people to change the way they travel without providing them with the means to do so. The councillors and MPs are to blame for the high levels of traffic in Maidstone, not individuals. Many of those taking part in the week will find out just how hard it is to live without a car in Maidstone.

"With deaths on Maidstone's roads having doubled last year and around one million car journey each week in the town, it is clear that Maidstone needs both safe and sustainable transport. Reducing car travel must be supported by proper infrastructure through a massive expansion in cycling facilities, public transport, plus making jobs, services and shops local. People can't leave their cars at home unless politicians make it possible for them to do so.


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