Thursday, 4 September 2008

Conference and Kingsnorth Six

Tomorrow sees the start of the Green Party conference in London. I love these conferences anyway, but this one should be especially exciting as tomorrow the party elects its first leader.

We also have a panel with Ken Livingstone, a showing of the Age of Stupid, a fringe with Peter Tatchell, a blogging fringe with JimJay, and a host of policy to discuss. It is open to members and visitors so I'd encourage everyone to make an effort to get there.

I will also try to follow the Kingsnorth Six on trial here in Maidstone too. Yesterday my friend Geoff Meaden gave evidence for the defence followed by James Hansen. The trial's defence is based around reasonable cause for the direct action against Kingsnorth and could be ground breaking progress if Greenpeace win. I think Al Gore is on record as saying that he can't understand why the young people are not all marching in the streets and blockading coal powerstation for the destruction of their future.

Green politics has never been more necessary.

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