Saturday, 9 August 2008

We need a strategy...

Defra's chief adviser says: we need strategy to adapt to potential catastrophic increase

Gordon Brown says: stop these protesters at any cost, we must keep Kingsnorth pumping out CO2. How about arresting them for have Vitamin C (Green Party's Matt Wooton) or stopping their food getting into the camp? Oh, but don't upset the fuel protesters on the Medway tomorrow.

There has been a couple of comments added to the Indymedia pages saying that the residents of Hoo are want coal burning to continue to keep them in work. It is important to remember that taken out of context this is true. Put into context, where we need a workforce to provide renewable energy - a workforce that is alive and has not been killed off by climate change, the comments become a knee jerk reaction against change. One thing is for certain, change is coming.

My brother-in-law, Jeffrey Gash, grew up in the caravan park in Hoo and worked at Grain power station for many years. His childhood home stands no chance against climate change and is just a few feet about sea level. I spoke to him last night to ask for his reaction to screwing the planet to prevent having to change jobs... 'ridiculous' is the one printable answer I got from him. The real problem is the billions who live in regions that will sink as sea levels rise, can we really hang on to outdated jobs in the face of disaster?

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