Saturday, 9 August 2008


Spot the difference:

1. A 6 day protest that brings the country to a standstill, puts essential services into emergency measures, closes down energy supply, but results in a very low police presences, few arrests (I could only find one report of one person being arrested).

2. Eight years later in Kent when 80 lorries drove slowly to London protesting at the cost of fuel, disrupting traffic, attracted the presence of two police cars.

3. Peace activists camping in Kingsnorth on a legitimate protest before direct action to highlight the madness of a power station that will emit more CO2 than Ghana. Highlighting catastrophic climate change that will kill billions, consign our children to a life of misery and struggle. Attracts thousand of police who have been ordered to intimidate and bully legitimate protesters.

Bizarre. Who said politicians were there to serve the people? Perhaps Norman Baker should propose that MPs swear allegiance to Shell / Exxon / BP rather than the Queen.

Good luck for the direct action!

Just discovered that there is a fuel protest on the River Medway tomorrow. I bet that the 80 boats due to take part are allowed to without intimidation by the police.

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