Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Morality of politicians screw Georgians

I don't blog much on foreign affairs but this superb letter by Rupert Read (lead Green Party Euro candidate for Eastern Region) needs to be shown around. Our 'business as usual' politicians put tyrants into power in other countries and then when things go wrong they complain. The letter speaks for itself...

From the New Statesman:

With reference to your cover story on Russia and Georgia ("Superpower swoop", 18 August), it is as hilarious as it is pitiful to hear architects and avid backers of the illegal 2003 attack on Iraq (such as George W Bush and David Miliband) giving Russia stern lectures about respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia.

The deeper issue here, however, is that the US and the UK are reaping the whirlwind of a long period of craven backing for Putin's Russia. Just as Saddam Hussein was our creature, backed by us for years with military, economic and diplomatic help, so Vladimir Putin could never have risen to the heights of power - and tyranny - that he now has without the strong backing of Bush, Blair et al.

Our governments have pretended for the past 15 years that Russia is a democracy - while the opposition, independent businesses and the media were disempowered and murdered. Our governments have warmly welcomed Russia into their exclusive club, the G8.

What Russia is now doing is sickening, but it is not surprising. And our leaders have no moral authority to stand up to it.

Councillor Rupert Read


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