Sunday, 17 August 2008

Greens have a key role to play in combating the BNP

Great pieces from Caroline and the Observer today (see below). The key message is for activists to get out and talk to the electorate. The only way we can move forward is to engage, listen and persuade; to get our message across and become visible and known.

We have had very little BNP activitiy in Maidstone, fortunately, and long may this continue. And when we talk about how to keep our place as the fourth party nationally - in Maidstone the race is between Labour and Green for third place.

This is from Caroline:

Greens have a key role to play in combating the BNP, says Lucas

Caroline Lucas, who is standing to be the Green Party's first leader in September, today issued a stark warning that only the Green Party has the answers to combat the BNP.

She was adding to a growing national debate, lead by the Observer, highlighting that Britain needs the Greens to be the growing force in politics, not the BNP.

She said:

“The rise of the BNP has been rapid. In the absence of political hope, voters have turned to them as a political protest. Every council seat gained, together with the recent London Assembly seat they have won, have been targeted towards promoting their leader, Nick Griffin, to a position of power.

“Britain has faced down the rise of the far right in tough economic times before, and it must do so again.

“It’s time for people to come off the sidelines and re-engage the British public with politics they can believe in.

“Unlike Labour, Greens will never pander to racism and prejudice – but we will work for a better future for everyone, wherever they live.

“Our Councillors are constantly striving to tackle unemployment, poverty and poor housing, the very things that create the bitterness and sense of abandonment that the BNP attempts to exploit.

“Green Councillors work hard on the ground, and never take their wards for granted, as so many other councillors do.

“The Green Party is playing its part in promoting positive, progressive politics wherever we can. We urge anyone who wants to take racism and prejudice out of politics to join us and work for a better future, for everyone.”


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Caroline Lucas MEP is standing against Ashley Gunstock to be elected as the Green Party’s first ever Leader. The vote will be counted on Saturday 5 September at Conference in London. For more information, visit:

The Observer today outlines why the Greens must beat the BNP

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