Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Disgraceful police actions at Kingsnorth

The actions by the police at Kingsnorth are truly appalling. Watching the footage of police in riot gear storming the camp yesterday left me extremely angry. Their attempt to justify a raid on the site for 'health and safety' reasons because a van was blocking an entrance is pathetic. They have smashed windows, towed away vehicles and attacked protesters in the name of 'health and safety' - surely this is vandalism, theft and assult?

The Chair of Kent Green Party will be writing an open letter to Michael Fuller about the behaviour and Jenny Jones (Green Party Assembly Member for teh London Assembly) will be raising this with the Met.

In the news, Caroline Lucas has condemned the actions in the Guardian, Derek Eagle appears at the front of the climate march photo and Maidstone Greens get a mention too.

Check out No New Coal and Indymedia too. One of the police dropped their policing manual produced by the "National Extremism Tactical Coordination Unit". Treating a legitimate peaceful protest focusing on the biggest challenge that mankind has ever faced as extremist is dreadful and is a clear example of political policing.

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