Monday, 4 August 2008

Climate Action Kingsnorth

The climate action started this weekend with great media coverage and positive support from the public. On Saturday I met with one of the Climate Caravans and UKWIN to lay a wreath at Allington Incinerator, highlighting the health concerns of incineration.

Other Maidstone Greens attended the march to Kingsnorth on Sunday, with speakers including Caroline Lucas. By all accounts the march went well and the climate camp is now in full swing. The police presence throughout the weekend was evident. The police have been criticised for being heavy handed and raiding the camp taking dangerous and subversive items such as toilet rolls, soap, disabled access ramps and so on. The number of police that have been deployed is extraordinary and a waste of taxpayer's money. They really ought to focus on catching criminals rather than denying disabled people the right to protest - isn't there a law against that?

More pictures here.

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