Monday, 18 August 2008

Green Bloggers Poll gets it soooo wrong

Jim at The Daily (Maybe) has put me at number 10 on his list of top green bloggers. Firstly, I want to make it clear that no money changed hands... that said, I have no idea how he could put me above some of my favourite blogs and I can't believe that he didn't list Throbgoblins at all. Throbgoblins is simply the funniest take on green issues that I have found - please visit their site!

Anyway Jim is keen on democracy and has set up a poll to select the reader's choice for best green blog. I've already voted for myself and increased my vote to one. I don't need any more votes so please have a look at the list and vote for someone else.

This is the list and below is the voting thingummy:

1 Two Doctors
2 Bean Sprouts
Green Girls Global
Kitchen Witch
Ruscombe Green
6 Peter Tatchell
Barkingside 21
Greenpeace UK
Stuart's Big Green Spot
11 Flesh is grass
Gaian Economics
13 Johnny Void
14 Coventry Green Party
15 Jenny Jones
16 Philobiblon
17 Ecostreet
18 Hippy Shopper
19 Transition Culture
Alice in Blogland


Anonymous said...

Well done Stuart! I've discovered some great new green blogs (including this one) because of Jim Jay's efforts.


Thanks for the plug, Stuart. We at Throbgoblins need all the support we can get, and appreciate the nod. Democracy in action, as opposed to our national default of democracy inaction. Cheers

Anonymous said...

The team have seen this list and hope to be on it next year. Don't worry our aim is to be in the list next year but from no. 11 owards

Anonymous said...

What out for Eco Trend Spotter we are aiming to be in the top five!!