Sunday, 31 August 2008

80p a drink as violence escalates

The front page of the Kent Messenger tells how violence has escalated in Maidstone since the introduction of cheap alcohol promotions at some of the nightclubs.

Maidstone has around 14,000 clubbers at the weekend (compared to its 95,000 population), and while the level of trouble has been relatively low in the past it seems that cheap alcohol is fueling problems. I suspect there is also a more general feeling of anxiety which is a factor, with the economic and housing squeeze, which is exacerbating both the mood and the willingness to drink more.

We need to find answers to these issues and building communities and a strong localised economy are key. Maidstone suffers with its sense of community as a commuter town, bringing work closer to home helps build that sense of identity and build a shared sense of responsibility. Drowning our sorrows is not the answer.

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Squadron Leader said...

80p a drink? Goddamn, I hate London more than ever...