Friday, 18 July 2008

Widdy and public sectors workers

Ann Widdecombe voted to give MPs (and of course herself) a 4.6% pay rise. This week local government workers are on strike over being offered 2.45% Ann Widdecombe's income is reported to be around £400,000 (£60k for being an MP and the rest from other work).

This is a real slap in the face for hard working council employees and I completely support the industrial action this week. There is a real need to send a clear message to government that the real workers need to be valued.

With inflation at 3.8% even by the government's own favoured method of measuring (CPI), 2.45% is a hefty pay cut. Of course we all know that inflation is much higher. The RPI is at 4.6% and fuel at the pump has risen by 20-30% this year; bread is up 9% - as so on, you hardly need me to spell it out.

We need need to close the poverty gap in our society, not increase it. Fat cats earning £400k cannot have any insight into what it feels like to be broke.

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