Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Thanks to Throbgoblins for their excellent cartoon on the bizarre contradiction between Richard Branson's quest to become a spaceman and the starving people in Haiti who have to eat mud as food prices soar. It looks like China are working on manned mission to the moon, perhaps they will be the first country to land there??? Meanwhile Monbiot could have the real reason that there is renewed interest in space and the moon in particular.

The selfish nature of capitalism has to be best demonstrated by this blind ambition to break through barriers at the expense of sorting out real and present problems on the ground. How can any country justify the vast expense of the space race when millions, if not billions are at risk of starvation. But then we have the allure of being the best, of winning, of glory in the face of adversity. We have the chance to become great, to be proud of our nation, to uphold peace, justice and the American way. Well there is something inately childish and selfish in this approach that says I want to be best and stuff the rest of you.

Monbiot's letter
to Channel 4 is the best thing I have read for sometime. His row with the C4 over their broadcasting of the lie filled documentary on climate change is continuing. Again this is another example of childish, self serving behaviour. It seems that they would rather go for ratings than truth. This is especially damaging when the programme is put out as an alledgely factual documentary.

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