Thursday, 10 July 2008

David Davis: Bounder and Braggart

Polls will have opened in Haltemprice and Howden about 15 minutes ago - it should be an interesting day.

The interweb thinggummy is buzzing with stories, best of which is the dissent in the LibDem camp. The LibDems clearly backed the Tories by agreeing not to stand, a bizarre position given that Davis is far from being liberal. Some reports suggest that it was due to 'local political fortunes', whatever that might mean - anyway they were clearly not prepared to challenge him.

Yesterday he made a slight criticism of the Lib Dems: " I’m sorry that Labour and the Liberal Democrats funked it, but we’re still having a good argument and getting the issue raised." and now the LibDems are furious calling him a "bounder and a braggart".

Probably the most ironic thing about this bounder statement is the language. Lib Dems often claim to be progressive, down to earth, intouch with real people, yet they use language that alienates them from the working classes. I didn't even know what what a braggart was until I googled it, I must remember never to use the word again!

While the media have focused on the big three parties as usual (especially frustrating when LD and Lab aren't bothering to stand), the Greens have managed to a good media presence and look set to do exceptionally well today. Good luck Shan!

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