Sunday, 20 July 2008

Adrian Ramsay for Deputy Leader

The leadership nominations are open and two candidates have declared themselves so far. Caroline Lucas will make an excellent leader and should cruise to victory.

Adrian RamseyAdrian Ramsay, leader of Norwich Greens, has announced his nomination for deputy leader. Adrian is coordinator for the Green Group on Norwich City Council and Leader of the Opposition on the Council. The Greens are the second biggest party in Norwich and are only two seats behind Labour. This is phenomenal and inspirational. Across the Norwich South constituency (currently held by Charles Clarke), the Greens now have the biggest vote with 33% and are placed to unseat Labour at the next General Election.

With the coalescence of the grey parties in a right wing mush and with the awakening of people to the realities of climate change, peak oil, consumerism and animal welfare, time is ripe for the Green Party to break through as the most exciting and significant political force in this country. Adrian has demonstrated time and time again that he knows what it takes to win elections and he has shown what it means to be passionate about Green politics. I wish him every success.

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