Saturday, 14 June 2008

Widdy promotes fear

So David Davis resigns in a stunt to challenge the 42 day terror bill, a bill backed by Maidstone's MP Ann Widdecombe. Widdy seems to have jumped firmly on fear mongering bandwagon that has exemplified New Labour. Repeatedly we are told that terrorists are everywhere and we shouldn't trust anyone - your neighbour is about to blow you up and eat your children.

As we enter society's most testing time ever, the combined challenge of peak oil and climate change, we need to foster community spirit, trust and liberty. We will simply enter barbarism if we do not work together and trust each other, yet what does Widdy do, she back the policy of promoting terror and fear.

David Davis is not libertarian he is neo-liberal. He is against gay rights, for the death penalty and so on, and Greens should use his ill-conceived stunt to highlight his hypocrisy.

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