Friday, 27 June 2008

Henley, Haltemprice and Howden

Greens third in Henley yesterday, an excellent result - well done Mark. Labour are so off the radar and deservedly so given the appallingly bad last eleven years. Here in Maidstone the last of the Labour councillors defected to the LibDems last month, leaving just three groups on the council. I do, however, fail to understand how Labour can be crashing and burning while the Tories are becoming more popular when both parties have the same policies and same attitudes.

The LibDems are stuck in the doldrums having backed Davis and therefore the Tories this month. I expect they are claiming that they are trying to force a split in the party... The Greens are the only major party to be contesting the seat in H&H and are exposing the hypocrisy of a man who claims that locking people up for 4 weeks without charge is fine but 6 is not. He also claims its fine to inflict the death penalty and gay people should not have equal rights to straight folk. Civil liberties at its worst.

Best wishes to Shan, our excellent candidate.

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