Friday, 30 May 2008

Racists and chefs

My thanks to Jim Jay for pointing me in the direction of one of the most repulsive bloggers on the planet: Michelle Malkin. Apparently some celebrity chef has had her advert pulled because she was wearing a scarf that looks a bit like a keffiyeh. This was pointed out by Malkin...


Rachel Ray

This really does fill my heart with sadness. Clearly this extremist racism underpins one of the key problems with society, especially the US, but increasingly the UK. Kids across the UK have worn these scarves since the 1980's - I think I did too - and they are back in fashion. They look good. That doesn't make them suicide bombers; or radicals that should be locked up for 42 days without charge - just in case. Neither is it poking fun at the keffiyeh.

It's just a scarf that looks good.

Get a life Ms Malkin and stop spreading your racist views across the web.

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